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Life Cover & Mortgage Protection

If you are making a purchase as big as a mortgage it makes sense to protect yourself, your partner and your family. Whilst you have a mortgage and until it has been repaid in full the lender still has an interest in the property. In the event of death, a partner would still need to make the payments to the lender or sell the property to repay the debt. Mortgage life protection policies are very competitively priced and will give you and your family added security. Please contact us to find a competitive quote for your protection.

Life Cover/Term Assurance

As the title suggests this is a life policy that will pay out a lump sum in the event of death within a set term of years. These are some of the cheapest but valuable forms of life cover available and can be either single or joint life. Term assurance can be used to protect your mortgage and family in the early years when protection is at its highest priority.

Critical Illness Cover

This plan is designed to pay a lump sum on diagnosis of a specified list of critical illnesses. It can be taken out alongside your mortgage term assurance or as a separate stand alone policy.

Income & Mortgage Protection

An Income Protection plan is designed to pay out a regular income in the event you are unable to work due to an accident or illness. There are many different types of plans to protect against income loss or redundancy. Some of these plans have come under scrutiny over recent years, many companies do not pay a salary when you are away from work or if you are self employed this cover could help protect you until your able to get back to work. For many clients, administered correctly, these policies are invaluable to safeguard their future.

The above is a brief overview of basic protection plans associated with mortgages, different companies give different benefits or extra cover, for full details please ask for further information.

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